Geoponix is derived from the Greek word for farming “geoponics” which means growing plants in natural soil. Soil is the foundation of the Garden and the common denominator that affects all aspects of our society; individually, socially & economically. The new economic paradigm must hold that “healthy soil” is the key to a healthy Garden, Village and Economy. It is essential, to the future of Humanity, to undo the damage done and prevent further degradation of the soil and contamination of our bread basket from where our sustenance comes. We have got to get ourselves back to the Garden. Geoponix is at the heart of the Natural Capital Group and its mission is to regenerate the soil to its natural state of microbial equilibrium and reduce the impact of agricultural production on the environment by changing the way food is produced on the land. 

The soil is our compass and it clearly shows the direction we are heading!

Emerging environmental agricultural technology will be deployed along with sustainable methods and practices to restore the natural equilibrium in the soils, bring degraded, marginal and non-arable land into production.  We employ holistic methodologies and practices of permaculture design and biomimicry to re-establish bio-diversity, for water conservation and regenerative agriculture to increase the production of certified organic food.  Geoponix will conduct carbon sequestration programs through agroforestry, afforestation, reforestation and grassland restoration projects, that will produce Carbon Offset Credits to be sold on the world carbon markets. 

The 'Farm Business Partnership' program is a regenerative and inclusive agri-business model that is the practical alternative to enable landowners & farmers to enjoy economic sustainability, while it inherently disrupts & displaces unsustainable conventional agri-business models, to regenerate natural soil, our most important natural capital resource!

Natural Sciences Laboratory 

The state-of-the-art laboratory will conduct comprehensive soil & site analysis for measuring and planning to increase the organic matter, regenerate natural soil and remediate contaminated land. Manned with a full complement of vested professionals from all the natural science disciplines, the first NATCAPS lab is being established Karnataka,India.  The science team, using biomimicry, has created certified organic soil building and nutrient products, certified organic biological plant disease & pest control products and environmental remediation products. The lab conducts field trials on a continuous basis and continue to develop natural growth management resources. Production is being established in preparation for 2019 planting. The lab provides carbon credit development and land & crop certification services for third parties

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