Utility Grade Infrastructure

NATCAP POWER will deploy all forms of alternative energy technology to produce electricity & biofuels, through the deployment of proven technologies including; solar, geothermal and biomass gasification. NCP develops municipal water & waste treatment facilities and utility delivery services. 

NCP is establishing state-of-the-art recycling complexes that are designed to eliminate the need for landfills and reclaim existing landfills, returning the land to its highest and best use. NCP will deploy LFG technology to extract methane from the landfill and then deploy gasification technologies to recycle the remaining refuse as a resource and reclaim the land to return it to its highest and best use. Energy and waste to resource technology will be deployed in conjunction with the Garden Village P3 Infrastructure Program and the environmental remediation programs.

NATCAP comprehensive and vertically integrated power & utility programs are designed to build social capital & wellbeing in the Village by establishing water & energy security, to empower the Village for self-determination and self-reliance.