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    Private Public Partnerships (P3)

Natural Capital Corporation

Natural Capital Corporation, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a private investment & project development corporation. NCC will be registered in each national jurisdiction that the natural capital business model is deployed and is opening with international scope, establishing branch offices in India, USA & Mexico in 2019.

NCC is preparing private placement investment opportunities and public offerings such as; Mutual Fund Trusts, Green Bonds, REIT’s, Carbon Offset Credits, Registered Energy Certificates and other publicly traded financial instruments. By providing these GreenChip™ investment opportunities, ethical funds are raised and allotted to capitalize the high-impact development projects of the portfolio companies, in all sectors.

NCC enables delivery of needed natural capital programs, in an expeditious manner, by eliminating the constant sourcing of debt funds to capitalize projects. The financial programs assist in bridging the “funding gap” by mobilizing local, national and international capital for transition to the natural capital economy.

NCC will continue to form strategic alliances with national and international financial institutions, private equity firms, asset management companies, pension funds and governments to capitalize the socially responsible investments to be made in the portfolio company offerings and the developments underway in the project pipeline. There is no shortage of high-impact projects to bring to fruition and the business development team continues to add to the pipeline, in all sectors, to maintain a constant deal flow.

The Garden Village Group has created a circular economy to harness economic, social & environmental capital. The mission and the “proprietary” trademark financial programs set NCC apart from the typical private investment group. The addition of the investment corporation to the group, sets the financial foundation and establishes the capital fluidity for injection into the project pipelines of the established portfolio companies and communities in which NCC invests.

To meet our (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility mandate and for the security of all stakeholders, in making the crucial high-impact investments, NCC has integrated environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) into its socially responsible investment (SRI) decision making process.

The structure of this private investment corporation and its unique business model combined with the deployment of the programs within the natural capital enviro-socio-economic system, gives NCC the financial strength and flexibility to lead the Natural Capital Partnership forward, making investments in the environment, humanity and our future on this planet Earth.