Social Capital Development - Garden Village P3 Infrastructure Development Program

This P3 program has been designed for the purpose of changing the economic paradigm for the citizens of the Garden by mobilizing capital for deployment into the economy of municipalities, states and countries, to lift the burden of debt, accelerate growth of the Village, participate in the economic opportunities created and to enable environmental and social justice to lift the human condition. 

It is widely accepted that, in emerging markets, the lack of infrastructure to support commercial development is a hindrance to growth and in some centers prohibits it. The core concept of the P3 program is to enable the fluidity of capital into local economies of emerging markets for the sustainable development of infrastructure. 

The Infrastructure Development Program 25-year Public Private Partnerships (P3’s) are made with federal, state and municipal governments. The P3 allows for the development of infrastructure to regenerate, protect and preserve the environmental & social capital while creating the foundation for economic growth.