Green Chip™ Investments

The Natural Capital Economy requires it own financial investment vehicles as the current capitalist financial organizations are not able to or will not fund new development projects that share the profits with the community and protect the environment, which precludes valuable and viable social & environmental development projects from getting to ground and having the desired impact. Therefore, the group is bringing forward its own investment portfolio that includes traditional investment instruments, bonds, mutual funds, futures and RIET’s and natural capital financial instruments; Carbon Offset Credit Certificates and Registered Energy Certificates. 

The Natural Capital Green Chip™ Investments will be offered in each national jurisdiction and will be fully compliant with all regulations and laws within each jurisdiction. 

For the security of all Stakeholders in making the crucial “High-Impact Investments”, the Natural Capital Group of companies has integrated Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria (ESG) into its Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) decision making process.

Green Chip ™ Investments E.E.E. Pillars

Disclaimer: The information is provided for informational purposes only. It contains forward looking statements and cannot be relied on for accuracy or completeness and is subject to change at any time. Independent counsel should be sought in making any financial investment. Only the Private Placement Offering Memorandums or Prospectus can be legally relied on. Garden Village Group and its Natural Capital Companies are non-reporting issuers.

Natural capital investing for a more equitable future!